Our machine shop can supply idlers in nearly any material including steel, aluminum, stainless, composite, teflon, etc. in sizes from 3/4″ through 24″ diameter in lengths up to 130″. Dead-shaft, live-shaft, and tendency driven versions are standard with us. Unique low-mass, low friction idlers with special coatings are used by many of our medical and pharmaceutical customers. Balancing and crowned configurations for wrinkle removal are also available. Roll coverings of silicon, EPDM, neoprene, teflon, UHMW, and dozens of other materials can be provided for your special requirements. Contact our engineers for your specific needs.

Examples of Wagner Industries Rollers and Idlers:

Vacuum Pull Roll: Pulls rolls from 3″ up to 18″ diameter. Unit shown is 16″ OD by 48″ long hard coat aluminum. Designed for low to medium tensions on medical and food grade machines.
Rollers and Idlers: Nearly any size idler or roller, whether it’s driven or dead-shaft can be provided in nearly any configuration or material. From 1-100 pieces can be provided with short delivery times and high quality. We can quote your requirements within 24 hours for special rollers same day for standard idlers.

General Series Specifications:

Aluminum and steel. Live shaft and dead shaft versions up to 130″ face x 24″ diameter. Special low mass, low friction for delicate webs. Tenancy driven versions available. Stainless, Delrin, composite, PTFE covered, polyurethane coverings up to 90 durometer. Rubber cork finishes and special designs available. Static and dynamic balancing. Heavy duty versions up to 5000 lbs. Vacuum pull rolls, air floatation rolls, Laminating rolls, pull rolls, crowned rolls and spiral rolls. Shafting from .375 – 6″ OD. Chill and heated rolls (electric and hot water/oil) with or without rotary unions. Micro-grooved rollers for special web handling (vacuum or air).