A full compliment of single roll, 2 roll box wrap and “S” wrap, 4 roll and special multiple web guiding systems can be built using modular construction design and Wagner Industries. Web widths from ultra narrow through 100″ wide at linespeeds up to 3000 fpm can be reliably controlled and guiding accuracies of +/- .005 inches are typical. Numerous roller configurations, materials, and coverings can be provided for special web needs. Balanced rollers with ultra low mass idlers can be provided for delicate webs such as gauze, skived PTFE, and extensible products such as silicon and latex sheeting down to .001″. Mounting configurations can be custom designed for floor, machine frame, or mezzanine installations.

Examples of Wagner Industries Edge Guides

Heavy Gauge Guider: 3 roll edge guide system with pinch roller for guiding webs up to 85″ wide at 0-1000FPM. Designed for high tension, heavy gauge webs up to 1/4″ thick. Typical uses: flooring, cardboard stock, heavy paperboard, linoleum, etc…

48″ Guider: Typical floor mounted positive displacement guider assembly for 48″ wide webs. 0-1000 fpm. Photo-electric sensing, +/-.005″ guiding.

60″ Guider: Single roll floor mounted guider assembly for 60″ wide webs. +/-.04 inch guiding at 500fpm. For paper mill application.

Narrow Ultrasonic Guider: 4 roll narrow width ultrasonic guider for webs up to 12″ wide. Positive displacement type. 2″ diameter idlers. Left or right side guiding.

Multistation Guider: Six Channel wide guider assembly for multi layer sheeting machine. Outfeed rollers provide all six webs to be positioned accurately for 1-6 layers of web into sheeter

General Series Specifications:

Complete 2 roll or 4 roll positive displacement edge guides and systems for cantilevered or dual sideframe construction for web widths up to 100″. No baggy edges or web wrinkles due to steering. Visible red sensing, ultrasonic, laser, narrow width, clear or opaque webs. Special versions available. Multi-web guider assemblies.