Along with our wide variety of converting machinery and systems, Wagner Industries also provides individual component parts for both OEMs as well as end-users for items such as Idlers and rollers, cutters, shafts, chucks, guiding components, roll handling equipment, and hoists, etc. Many times a part for an older machine is no longer available and Wagner Industries can create that part for outdated or obsolete equipment. Contact us for your special requirements.

Examples of Wagner Industries Component Parts

Turnbars: 60″ wide web turnbar assembly shown. Turns webs 90 degrees at line speeds up to 1000fpm. Paper, films, and fabrics. Hardened turnbars or hard chrome plated available. Multiple webs and simultaneous left/right infeeds available. Adjustable diagonal bar positions web laterally for outfeed guiding.

Adjustable Side Angle Nips: When a bowed roll is just not possible, too expensive, or not appropriate, WI adjustable side angle nips are the answer. The system easily mounts anywhere the web goes in any plane, and since they are not physically connected, the web width is not an obstacle. Roller diameters are 2.5″ (standard) and 3″. Roll covering is polyurethane in 60 durometer, which provides excellent traction and high wear characteristics. Angle adjustments from 0-45 degrees and adjustable pressure provide proper grip. Pre-drilled holes in the base are a plus for easy installation. Sealed bearings and steel construction provide for long lasting service.

Cantilevered Chuck: This mechanical expanding cantilevered chuck is available in widths of 6 to 36 in., for I.D. cores from 6 to 13 in. Other sizes from 14 in. I.D. and up are available upon request. Maximum weight capacity is 500lb and maximum linespeed is 1000 fpm. Chuck is self-centering to within .020 in. Can be supplied in hard-coat aluminum or stainless steel. Handwheel control provides simple, trouble free operation, with no air gun or special wrenches required. Unit can be easily adapted to existing unwind or lock core rewind.

Edge Trimmer: Units are available in left or right-hand models and are compact to fit in tight spaces on web-handling lines. Shear cut capability creates job versatility, with applications in paper, coated paper, laminates, woven products, and looped-ended products. Features unique pencil-design female arbor which allows for easy installation without shafting. Special alloy blade provides 16 cutting edges. Only 1 in. is required below the male blade for clearance. Trims at speeds to 1750 rpm. Optional line speed tach follower is available.

Custom Roll Carts can be configured for nearly any type of application, including clean room and medical. aluminum, steel, stainless construction available with roll diameters of up to 48″ by 48″ long and roll weights up to 1000 pounds. Adjustable height spindles for up to 6″ diameter cores also available. Special robotic motorized carts for automation lines have been constructed by Wagner Industries for unattended roll changes. Contact Wagner Industries for your special application and our engineers will be happy to assist you.

Includes numerous accessory items such as adjustable angle side nips, shaft holders, clutch/brake mounts, pivoting idler mounts, roll lifters, “J” bars. Special design items for existing machinery.