Whether you are sheeting thin films or heavy board stock; even multiple layer webs and laminates; Wagner Industries’ sheeting machines give you finished product quality with uncompromised accuracy. Each of our machines is designed and built to your exact requirements. Even difficult to handle materials such as composite prepreg materials of carbon, graphite, or aerospace materials are successfully handled by Wagner Industries’ unique cutting blade designs and cutting methods. Sheeters can be constructed using conventional guillotine blades, ultrasonic knives, waterjet, or laser cutters. Optional lift-arm unwinds and various stacker table options accommodate webs 60″ or wider. Equipment designed for medical or food grade environments is also available.

Examples of Wagner Industries Sheeting Machines

Slitter-Sheeter: Designed for woven webs, non-woven webs, and paper film products at 0-100inches per minute. This machine unwinds, slits, separates, and guillotines individual pads 1″ wide by 1″-2″ lengths and indexes a 10 lane outfeed into a packaging machine. Designed to present 1000 finished parts per minute to a form/fill/seal machine.

Ultrasonic Adjustable Angle Sheeter for prepreg carbon composites and graphites. 36″ wide webs. Ultrasonic cutting of -45 thru +45 degree angles. Up to 120″ sheet lengths. Computer system uses barcode scanning for multiple size and angle cuts, up to 4500 part sizes and shapes can be stored within the system’s memory. True 4 axis servo control on cutting and feeding. Moving table stacker can handle stacks of finished cut parts up to 6″ high.

Graphic Arts Film Sheeter: 60″ wide by 100″ long sheeting machine for delicate graphic arts films. Includes dual unwind for interleaf and web infeeds. Includes backlit inspection table. 0-150FPM

General Series Specifications:

Guillotine, Ultrasonic, Waterjet, or Laser style cutoffs only (no rotary). Sheet lengths from .5 – 100″. Optional stackers available from simple pull roll, shear head through complete stand alone machines up to 48″ web width. Flying knife (walking beam) up to 112″ wide. Line speeds up to 500 FPM (guillotine style), up to 250 FPM (flying knife). multi-layer and laminated web sheeters. Automatic edge guiding and tension controls. Delicate and difficult to handle webs cut to length. Optional razor and shear slit capabilities (SLEETERS).