Our History

Wagner Industries was founded in May of 1985 to design and manufacture custom of converting machinery, electronic controls and equipment for the web handling industry. To date, over 800 machines have been designed and built, including: Unwind and Rewind Stands, Slitters, Sheeters, Stackers, Splicers, Guiders, Accumulators, Pull-Roll Assemblies, Coaters, Turn bars, Vacuum Rolls, Laminators, Etching Lines, and nearly 40 types of accessory items. We have also developed our own visible red and ultrasonic edge guides for all electric guiding of webs up to 100″ wide.

Numerous companies have requested our expertise in rebuilding or modifying existing equipment such as Rewinds, Slitters, and Unwinds using our electronics and mechanical modifications to improve performance, line speed, and accuracy. Our Attention to detail and precision enables us to have a reputation that even many of our competitors admire.

We have been fortunate in being recognized by some of the largest firms in the world. Equipment produced by Wagner Industries has been installed in at least 20 countries worldwide. Our customer list includes such firms as: Hewlett Packard, Eastman-Kodak, General Motors, Kraft Foods-Oscar Mayer, Johnson & Johnson, Avery Tape & Label, Owens-Illinois-Fiberglass Division, Fiberglass Canada, Chris-Craft Industries, Boeing Aircraft, Sharp/Ivers-Lee, M&M/Mars, E.R. Squibb, Duracell, B. Braun (Burron Medical)…. We are proud of our association with firms like these and we are dedicated to retaining the high level of confidence which these firms have placed in us.

To date, Wagner Industries has attained it’s growth through word of mouth and visits to prospective customers by our sales reps. Nearly 80% of equipment produced at Wagner Industries is a result of repeat orders from over 260 existing users.

Our facilities allow us to design and manufacture converting machines for web widths up to 100″ and overall machine lengths up to 65′. Our greatest asset is our employees, who have been involved in the manufacture of converting machinery for many years. CADD and CAM systems allow us to provide highly accurate drawings for both proposal and construction purposes. Our electronics lab is organized to provide electrical and electronic designs in the fields of motor control, photo electric and ultrasonic sensing and control, laser and U/V sensing as well as both digital and analog control systems. Nearly all of the electronics use on W.I. machines are designed and manufactured by our personnel. Highly technical equipment using the latest state-of-the-art programmable controllers and computers can be manufactured at our facilities.

Our plant, located in Stanhope, NJ, has nearly 10,000 square feet of floor space, a fully equipped machine shop, and ample construction room; allowing all phases of development from R&D through final construction to be completed at this location. Located on a four acre lot, we have copious room for future expansion.