Designing and building custom Slitter/Rewinders with economy and precision is Wagner Industries‘ specialty. By employing a variety of cutting techniques we deliver superior accuracy, whether the web be delicate foil tissue or heavy bard stock. Carbon and graphite composite webs as well as fiberglass laminates can be slit and rewound into the highest quality finished product. cutting techniques include razor, score (crush cut), shear, waterjet, and ultrasonic knife.

Examples of Wagner Industries Slitting Machinery

Medical Slitter/Winder: Dual 54″ medical grade slitter-winder for low tension films. 0-250FPM with festoon infeed. 3″ cores by 16″ roll OD.

Narrow Slitter: Narrow width razor slitter with 42″ web width capacity. Slits down to 1/8″ wide on duplex rewinds. Optional foot pedal controls start and stop. 3″ ID cores by 12″ OD capacity. 0-500FPM line speeds.

Razor Slitter/Rewind: Dual turret rewind for slitting of wide films up to 90″. Razor cut with optional score cut for adhesive backed tapes. 2″ air shafts shown. 3 and 4 inch air shafts available. Finish roll OD’s up to 8″. Unwind capacity 36″ diameter, 4000lbs. Unwind includes shifting base with core ID’s up to 12″.

Unwind/Shear Slit/Rewind: Wide sheer cut slitter. 85″ wide composite slitting machine for unwind rolls up to 60″ diameter. 42″ rewind diameter capacity on duplex minimum gap mandrels. 0-500FPM.

General Series Specifications:

Includes razor, score and shear style. Razor slits down to .0625″ wide. Stainless, carbide, ceramic blades. Score cuts down to .5″ wide. Pneumatic and mechanical blade holders. Hardened mandrel rolls from 4″ – 12″ OD. Line speeds to 2000 FPM. Shear slitting systems from 2″ wide and up. Single, duplex rewinds with or without differential rewind shafts. Cantilevered slitters up to 24″ wide. Dual sideframe machines up to 100″ wide. Up to 5 zone tension systems. Negative taper tension rewinds. Slit to length or diameter versions. Minimum gap versions up to 42″ x 3″ ID core available. Up to 5000 lb. unwind roll weights. Stand alone or intermediate slitting heads in all three versions (razor, score, shear). Intermediate slitter heads with manual or automatic line speed tracking. Easily installed in existing lines. Over 20 sizes available.