From narrow web up to 100″ wide webs and tensions ranging from .01 to 10.0 pli, Wagner Industries has built dancers and active tension control systems for nearly all types of web machinery. Both continuous motion as well as intermittent motion webs can be reliably controlled with out unique versatility in dancer design and application. Hundreds of variations are available as well as special roller coverings, vertical and horizontal webs paths, and multiple webs as well. Standard production and clean room versions are available. Custom designed for your exact requirements.

Examples of Wagner Industries Dancer and Tension Controls

Vertical Pull Roll: Designed for intermediate tensioning of webs in vertical position. Unit may be rotated in any axis if desired. Braked unit shown. Motorized versions also available. “S”-Wrap configuration.

Intermediate Dancer Tension Unit: For 36″ wide webs. Provides tension control with feedback for upstream or downstream processes. 3″ diameter by 40″ face aluminum idlers shown. Versions available from 6″-100″ web widths. Idlers from 1.5″ thru 6″ OD.

General Series Specifications:

Simple intermediate dancer assemblies for retrofitting of existing equipment. Ultrasonic and photoelectric analog, non-contact roll diameter sensing. Electric and pneumatic output. Negative taper tension options – 0 – 50%. Dancer systems to 100″ web width. Line speeds to 1000 FPM. 1% or better tension regulation. Feedback for driven unwinds or rewinds. Broken web sensing.