At Wagner Industries we know that minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity is key to your success. Our festoons and accumulators, customized and manufactured to your specific needs, provide the web storage you need for continuous operation and can incorporate other important features, such as tension control, automatic threading, pull rolls, and guiding.

Examples of Wagner Industries Accumulators and Festoons

Accumulator: 6 pass, 96″ tall accumulator with web-vac for paper webs up to 48″ wide. Tension adjustable from .1-.5pli. Unique mag-particle drive system replaces air cylinders. Max line speed 300 FPM.

Unwind/Accumulator: Duplex unwind with manual rotating splicer table for webs up to 36″ wide by 12″ diameter, 3″ cores. Horizontal festoon allows for roll change while maintaining 300FPM downstream process. Entire accumulator pivots as a positive displacement guider.

General Series Specifications:

Web storage from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. Built in tension control. Proportional motor speed feedback to nip or “S” wrap drive. With or without infeed/outfeed pull rolls. Automatic threading versions. Festoons with built in guiding. Line speed matching.