Wagner Industries has many years of experience in experimental, prototype, and production machinery for specific applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, and cleanroom types of machinery. Unique low tension, high accuracy, and dedicated purpose equipment with sophisticated PLC and touch-screen controls are within the expertise of Wagner Industries engineers.

Examples of Wagner Industries Special Manufacture Machines:

Etching Line for 20″ wide webs for medical filter media. Highly stable linespeed and tension control for accurate tank dwell times for process etching. All Stainless Steel. All tendency driven rollers within tanks are magnetically coupled to external drives. Unwind and rewind roll capacity up to 18″ diameter. Web tensions from .01 thru .1pli and higher. Linespeeds from 0 thru 40fpm. Includes static elimination, edge guiding, splice detection, and unwind and rewind turrets.

UV treater for 20″ wide web. 290 feet of storage within cabinet. Festoon roller drives within enclosure. 100 forty-eight inch long shortwave UV lamps for curing of medical filter media. Unwind and rewind can handle rolls up to 20″ diameter on 3″ cores. High accuracy line speed 0-20 meters per minute. Can handle very low tensions (less than 0.05pli) and up to 1pli.

Unwind/Perf/Rewind: Dual Unwind, cross perf, longitudinal perf, and rewind to length on dual rewinder. Cross perfs programmable from 6″ to 60″ repeats. Webs up to 36″ wide, roll diameters up to 24″. 0-300fpm.

Sponge Grinder: Special manufacture machine designed for grinding of six inch diameter sponges for automotive paste wax. 16 position indexing table with auto grinding produces up to 30 finished parts per minute. Auto tamping and manual offload.

Unwind/Trim/Print/Rewind: Shaftless unwind and rewind for webs 36″ to 68″ wide. 0-1000fpm. Includes edge trim, printing, static elimination, tapered tension rewind. 3, 6, and 8″ cores. Roll OD’s to 48″

Includes numerous accessory items such as adjustable angle side nips, shaft holders, clutch/brake mounts, pivoting idler mounts, roll lifters, “J” bars. Special design items for existing machinery.