From benchtop and lab machines to super rugged production equipment, whether your web winding or unwinding is for paper, films, foils, adhesive backed, laminates, non-wovens, or special products such as photo sensitive films or graphic arts products, Wagner Industries has the experience and abilities to design and build the machine you’re looking for, and at a sensible price.

Examples of Wagner Industries Unwind and Rewind Stands

Shaftless Unwind Stand: Ball screw drives lift up rolls up to 5000lbs. Stock widths from 8″ to 72″, 16″ to 60″ roll OD. Core ID’s from 3″. Driven or braked one side with idler bearing and core plug on opposite side. Ultrasonic tension control available.

Food Grade Unwind: All stainless steel food grade unwind with auto splicing, outfeed festoon, and dancer for wax paper and interleaf webs. 20″ wide webs by 36″ roll OD. Designed for wash-down environment.

Guided Rewind: Simple floor mounted 6″ wide rewinder for line speeds up to 750FPM. Includes guider, dancer tension control system, and razor slitting. for medical and food grade uses.

Cantilevered Unwind for 24″diameter by 18″ wide web.
0-1000FPM with manual splicer, guided base, and auto tension control.

Traverse rewinder with 108 reel winding capacity. 12″ reel OD by 12″ reel width. Variable lay pitch. Tensions adjustable from .1 lbs thru 1.5 lbs total. Designed for threads, cords, light gauge wire, fiberglass yarns, etc.

Tape Indexers: Special manufacture tape indexers for high precision positioning of inkjet cartridge nozzles. 3″ index with +/-.001″ positional accuracy. 20 steps per minute. Auto Interleaf strip off and auto interleaf rewind infeed. Automatic fault detection, semi auto splicing. Clean room rated

General Series Specifications:

From ultra-narrow width (.06″) up to 100″ web widths. 0-2000 FPM line speeds. .005-20.0 PLI web tensions. Cantilevered and dual sideframe configurations. 1″-6″ ID core standard. Special core sizes up to 20″. Driven and braked unwinds. Continuous and indexing infeeds. Roll diameters to 60″. Unwinds and rewinds guided or manual lateral adjusted. Dancer and ultrasonic tension control systems built in. tendency driven shafted idlers on critical web applications.