This series includes all of our popular edge guide systems, tension Controls, motor speed and torque controls, broken web sensors (photoelectric and ultrasonic), special customer requests, color registration and mark detection. Custom built electrical controls in NEMA 1, NEMA 12, clean-room, stainless, and medical/pharmaceutical enclosures. PLC and touch-screen systems with ethernet and other communications methods available.

Examples of Wagner Industries Electrical Controls

Edge Guide Systems: Wagner Industries offers a full line of all electric, fully proportional edge guide controls and guiders for OEM and end-user applications. Photoelectric, laser, ultrasonic, or narrow width sensors and exceptionally stable circuitry allows for sensing of webs as transparent as 1mil thick mylar, as opaque as heavy gauge foils, and as narrow as a hair. Sensors and actuators (see below), are available in various configurations for every guiding need.

Edge Guide Actuators: A full line of DC servo actuators with a unique U-joint interface between the high response motor/gearbox and the epicyclic ball screw allows for misalignments of up to 15 degrees to simplify installation. Forces of 100, 400, 800, 2000 and higher with stroke lengths from 1″ to 24″ are standard. Retrofits to existing edge guides systems can be made in hours.

Edge sensors used with our proportional edge guide systems are available in over 20 different sizes and configurations in visible red, ultrasonic, and laser styles. Any of the configurations can be supplied in stainless, aluminum, or composite materials for special applications. Cable lengths are 15′ standard with optional lengths up to 50′.

Custom designed electronic control systems using analog, digital, PLC, and touch-screen technology can be configured for your machine line or any special motor control, tension control, or process control system you may require. Our engineers are familiar with motor controls up to 30hp AC, DC, and vector drive systems, temperature controls, pumping systems, vacuum, dryers, UV curing, and laser cutting systems. All of our custom built electronic controls are pre-tested prior to shipping. UL and CE certifications are available on special order.